Three Rules to survive the Fall Season

So much goes into a girl’s outfit. We have to find the perfect pair of trousers, to match the cutest lace top, and somehow make sure they match our funky boots. But then, what about our makeup? Our makeup should obviously correspond with what we’re wearing…I mean blue lipstick probably shouldn’t be worn with mustard-yellow. We get it, fashion and beauty can get complicated. But we are here to help you get by this season:

  1.    Be Bold with Beauty.

Fall is officially here and the transition into the season can be simple but you mustn’t be afraid to be bold with your beauty. Invest in a fiery red or deep cabernet color for the lipstick and nail details. Or if you’re feeling risky, go for an edgier look. You can always turn to the dark side and go with indigo, onyx, charcoal, or a classy black nail polish. More importantly, ditch the fruity fragrances and invest in a spicy perfume to really set the mood this season, one of our favorite perfumes this season is Givenchy Dahlia Divin, a deep and sultry mix of Jasmin.

  1. Remain Fixated on Plaid.

Plaid is forever an ongoing trend throughout the fall and winter months. Instead of pairing your favorite plaid top with a cute crop top and jeans, switch it up and wrap the plaid flannel around your waist for an effortless grunge look. Or you can always invest in plaid to accessorize and add flavor to your all black or gray outfit. P.S. Plaid boots are the latest fashion statement.

  1. Stay Cute in Suede.

Suede is the go-to  texture to compliment any outfit this Fall. Whether you’re going for the BOHO bum, metallic Rock Star, or chic business woman, adding suede to your outfit screams Fall. We plan on investing in suede boots, hats, and even pants for texture and sass.

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