The Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends

Fun Fringes: You can expect to see more stylish takes on this bohemian trend this season. Fringe can be found hanging from all sorts of clothing and accessories. The most popular way to wear fringe in the Fall is on your boots! I mean its not called boot season for no reason! You will also notice that there are fringe jackets, vests, shirts, dresses, bags, and even heels. The options are available, but its up to you to choose how you want to rock that fringe look.


Oversized Sweaters: I am sure you know that the Fall season is also known as cuddle season. Sometimes a girl just wants to cuddle up in the biggest sweater possible. Oversized sweaters can be found in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. Plus, they look great on all body types. The possibilities are endless when styling your chunky sweater too. The time has come to cuddle up on the couch, lay back, and watch a movie with that pumpkin spice latte you have been craving!


Flared Pants: If you haven’t noticed already, the 70’s style is coming back this season. Take a break from the skinny jeans and slip into some flared pants instead. By wearing flared pants. You are able to elongate your legs, especially if you wear them with heels.


Geometric/Pattern Tights: You will definitely get bored wearing the same old black tights this season so why not take your collection of tights to whole new level? It’s a new season, new you, so be bold and wear some tights with geometric patterns or just colored ones. Any type of pattern will add dimension to your outfit and choosing to wear colorful tights will give your outfit the pop of color that it needs.


Fur Coats: The temperature is starting to drop as we continue into the Fall season. Fur coats are sinfully soft and cozy for those chilly nights. Add just the right touch of womanhood to your outfit with the help of a faux-fur. Something about fur makes us think about luxury and royalty. The possibilities of fur stoles and coats are endless but don’t miss out on your chance to bring out the women inside of you.


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