The Perfect Easter Outfit For Whatever You Have Planned

Looking at the calendar, we just realized that Easter is just around the corner, wait a second wasn’t it just Christmas? Nonetheless, its time to prepare! What will you wear? For some, Easter fashion needs to be more modest, and for others it can be a more casual. Here are our outfit ideas for whatever you might have planned for the day:

1: Church: if you’re going to head to church with grandma and grandpa, you might want to dress a little bit more on the modest side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be fashion forward and fabulous!  Try pairing a pastel cool-colored knee-length flowing dress with a pastel warm-colored sweater, and a chunky cute necklace to top it off. The color mixture is really trendy and very festive.


2. Brunch at a fancy restaurant: This is something that you might be able to have a little more fun with. Since you won’t be inside of a church, you can show a little skin! Try our Wild Kiss maxi dress with a lattice-back to show a little skin, but still look classy. The shape of it compliments a woman’s body and gives you a little more confidence.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.52.25 PM

3. Family BBQ: Maybe official events just aren’t your family’s thing for Easter, you’d much rather grill up some hot dogs and hang out at the park with all your relatives. The outfit can be super casual, and easy to move around in. Try pairing some high-waisted lace shorts with a simple colored crop top and a cute necklace to finish it off!


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