Spring Style: For the Days You’re Just Not Feeling It

We hear you, girls. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to wear your fabulous lace top, and new shoes that, albeit, are the hottest trend, but take about 15 minutes just to lace up. Honestly, even Kim Kardashian needs a day off from all of that leather.

No need to worry, our fellow fashion gurus! After thorough research and many overslept days, we have compiled a list of lazy-day essentials that will hide those tired eyes, and still make for a great Insta-worthy outfit.

Flannels – Tying a flannel around your waist automatically says “LA chic”. Add on any pair of sweatpants and crop top and your grunge look is top notch.



Denim Jackets – Adding an oversized denim jacket to any outfit automatically gives it the extra flare. Take it from Kourtney K, the coziest pair of leggings with a denim jacket will look like you’ve planned this outfit for weeks.



Oversized Sunglasses – Go big or go home, as they say. What better way to look alive than by concealing tired eyes? Oversized, unique shades are in and colored lenses look extra stylish on the laziest of Sundays.



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