Ready, set, STAY!

It’s happened to all of us…you get off the phone with your best friend just to look at your screen and see a mark of your foundation smeared all over your screen. Or what about when you go to hug your Grandma for the first time in months and suddenly the blush that was on your cheeks is now on hers.  For those gals that go to school from 7am-4pm, those who work the same amount of hours, and those who just want a way to have their makeup last and stay where its supposed to, Kandy Kiss has got you covered.

Besides having really long workdays and busy schedules, the holidays always call for long-lasting makeup hacks. Here are our favorite four:

  1. Primer: Primers are an absolute necessity when it comes to ever-lasting makeup. They work by helping decrease sweating through the pores, which will make your makeup stay on much longer. Primers will also help smooth your skin for when you apply foundation or powder, then will continue to protect that gorgeous face of yours from dust or debris or water that may make your makeup wear off.
  1. Choosing the right kind of foundation. With so many different skin types and sensitivities out there, finding a universal foundation is pretty difficult. It’s important to know what type of skin you have. Are you prone to oiliness? Is your skin super sensitive? These types of questions will help you narrow down what kind of foundation will be a good fit for you. If you tend to have oily skin, opt for an “oil-free” foundation. Otherwise, if you add oil-based foundation to oily skin, you’ll only get more oil, and that will make your makeup come off more easily.
  1. Brushes, not hands. Your hands carry natural oils in them, so if you directly apply foundation with your hands, it won’t set as well. Brushes will solve this problem for you. However, it’s important to know that you should NOT use the same brush for everything. Keep separate brushes for your foundation, blush, and bronzer. The same goes for your eye shadow. Apply eye shadow using brushes. Small brushes will be good for placing intense color in direct, specific spots while larger brushes will spread out color more evenly.
  1. Setting spray. Using setting spray is one of the best things you use for some serious staying power. It works by lowering the temperature of your makeup so your foundation, eye shadow, concealer, and blush all stay in place no matter what condition you are in! Say goodbye to the cracking, fading, and melting and hello to the bold, smooth, and vibrant makeup you have been waiting for.



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