Our Favorite F Word… Fur.

 Just because we have to start bundling up for the colder months ahead does not mean we have to sacrifice fashion. This fall, be sure stay cozy and cute with some faux fur. At Kandy Kiss, we love all things fur! It’s playful yet sophisticated, and best of all, so warm and comfortable. We like to think of faux fur fashion as almost wearing your favorite blanket around you, yet you still look fashionable and trendy. We know that faux fur isn’t for everyone, but we still encourage you to give it a shot! You just might end up falling in love with it like we have.

Here are some ways to incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe:

Fur vest: A great accessory to any outfit, fur vests should be your new best friend this season. Perfect for putting over your night-out dress or adding the final touch to your sweater, jeans and boots, fur vests are the look for this fall that you won’t want to miss out on.

Fur scarves: Scarves will never go out of style during the cold months, which is why you need to get a fur scarf pronto! Pair a fur scarf with your favorite pair of leggings and shirt, or dress it up more with a dress and coat. Not only will it keep you nice and warm, but you will also look so chic and fab, you’ll be turning heads all night. There’s something majestic and sophisticated about fur, and we just can’t get enough of it!

A hint of fur: Maybe fur jackets, fur vest, and fur scarves just aren’t your thing. However, if you still like the coziness of fur without having to endulge yourself in it, there are many trendy styles out there that would be perfect for your taste. Try out a vest or a jacket with a hint of fur on its hood. Even better most of the time this fur can be removable with a quick unzip of a zipper.

Earmuffs: Another way to incorporate faux fur into your daily wardrobe is through a simple headband accessory! We think earmuffs are just so darn cute, and will find any excuse to wear them. Grandma always said that if your head is covered and warm, you’re warm. However, with faux fur earmuffs, you no longer have to sacrifice stylish for warmth. Whether you’re snowboarding down the mountain, walking to class, or taking a stroll in the park on a chilly day, keep a pair of fur earmuffs in close reach.

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