Must-Have Items From New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has officially ended, yet we’re still lusting over the some of the newest trends presented by our favorite designers. Some of our favorite pieces from New York fashion week were seen on and off the runway. Attending a fashion show is basically a runway in itself.

Luckily for us, it means we get to see double the fashion. If you’re a fashionista like us, then you know that’s a godsend! So we’ve compiled our top 5 fashion pieces from New York Fashion Week! (Spoiler alert…they all consist of handbags or shoes!) Do we all agree that you can never have enough bags or shoes!? Never.

Knee-High Boots

pasted image 0-3

Thank god for thigh-high boots!  They’re great to keep warm while rocking a dress or skirt! Not to mention, they bring any outfit to the next level!

Patched Jacket with Pink Bag

pasted image 0-2

We absolutely love everything about this outfit! The pink bag patch work on the jacket make this outfit adorable and trendy! Also, we salute whoever wears Chuck Taylor’s to fashion week!

Givenchy Booties

pasted image 0-1

These studded Givenchy boots are an edgy girls dream! We love the buckles and the studs which make these shoes the ultimate show stoppers!

Proenza Shoulder Bag 

pasted image 0

This  Proenza Schouler bag is so chic and neutral we would love to get our hands on it! It goes perfectly with a fur coat and printed pants!

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