Love your Lips!

​As the seasons change and the weather gets cooler, taking proper care of lips can be a bit of a struggle. We tend to lose moisture in our lips during the colder months, which leaves them looking cracked and dry when we apply our favorite fun lipstick. With the holidays just around the corner, and New Years shortly after that, going bold with lipstick color is a must! That being said, we want to ensure that all you lovelies have conditioned, smooth, and perfectly colored in lips for when you make take those “kissy-face” pictures! Here’s some advice on keeping taking care of your lips and making sure your color sticks!

Prep: The first step to any lip care routine is proper preparation. Especially in the colder months of fall, be sure to love your lips with extra moisture, no matter what product you use. If you still can’t seem to get rid of that chapped-lips feeling, try brushing your lips with an old toothbrush to exfoliate. Then presume to adding a moisturizer on top for that silky smooth feel!

Choose your shade: We aren’t lying when we say that there is a color out there for everyone. We believe that makeup is supposed to complement your natural beauty, that’s why sticking to shades that complement your skin tone are crucial. Talk to one of the beauty stylists at in the cosmetic department, as they will know what colors and what undertones will match you best. If you’re one who is selective when it comes to lipstick color (don’t worry, we are too), a cosmetician will definitely be able to help you narrow down your choices and point you in the right direction, depending on what color you’re exactly looking for.

Line ‘em up: Lip liner is a great way to accentuate the boldness of your lipstick. Lip liner is the adhesion for your lipstick/lip gloss so it sticks and STAYS. It also acts as a barrier for your lipstick to not venture outside the lines. Make sure your liner matches your lipstick, though! Another alternative is to very lightly use a natural colored lip liner if you can’t find one that matches your lipstick color. Lastly, use a Vaseline coated Q-tip to sharpen up your lips edges of any escaping color.

Apply with care: There is no set and stone way to apply lipstick. It all depends on what is most comfortable for you, and what look you’re going for. However, there is one universal rule we can all agree on: apply with care! We don’t want anyone walking out of the house with a tooth lipstick stain! Once you’ve applied your lipstick, make an “O” with your mouth, and then pull your finger through to remove any lipstick on your inner lips. Your pearly whites will remain sparkling all day long!

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