Fashion Risks to Make this Fall

Fall is an exciting time of year for all of our fashion gurus, divas, and trendsetters. As we shuffle through all of the back-to-school wear, I think it’s safe to say that there are definitely some Fashion Risks that we all should take this semester.

  1. Wear Bold Colors – There are no such things as Fall Colors. Walking around in neutrals and gloomy greens are played out. Be bold and brighten up your outfits with a deep fuchsia, mustard yellow, or seafoam green.
  2. Layer Your Necklaces – Wearing two bold necklaces is a fashion DO this semester. All you have to do is offset the pieces by length, color, or texture. By doing this, you’ve automatically added intricacy to your outfit.
  3. Pair Sneakers with EVERYTHING – Your favorite vans, converse, and keds can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, and even dress pants this Fall. So be a rebel, and just pair your favorite sneakers with everything you choose to wear.
  4. Carry a Backpack- With school, work, and all of the rest of your necessities it can be difficult to stash your entire life away in a purse. The solution: get a backpack. They are totally in this semester.
  5. Try a Fall Hat- Late night study cram sessions tend to leave us a bit tired and unmotivated the next morning, so save some time on getting ready and throw on your favorite floppy fall hat. We promise you’ll be the effortlessly stylish girl, passing all of this semester’s classes and wearing all of the right outfits.
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