Fashion Mistakes You May Be Making

You would never pair black and navy

It has become a sort of unwritten rule in the book of fashion no-no’s that you should never pair the two colors together since they are so similar. Well, that talk stops now! Black and navy surprisingly look great together. Pairing a navy sweater with a black leather skirt and black opaque tights like this one here looks amazing.


You think shorts can only be worn in the summer season

Secret’s out, shorts can actually be worn year round as long as you have the correct pairings to protect yourself from criticism and the cold. Try wearing a bold colored pair of shorts, with a long sleeved sweater, some tights (patterned or plain depending on the outfit), throw a scarf on, some heels, and you have a look just like this girl.


You’re convinced long hair is sexier than short hair

It’s been told since we were all little girls that men like long hair, it gives them something to run their fingers through. But the truth is, some women don’t look good with long hair, they look better with a short look, like Scarlett Johansson . She rocks the short hair. Don’t be afraid to go bold!


You always buy the same size in clothing

It should be common knowledge that different brands may vary in the way that they fit you, or the way that they fall on the body. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know this and often buy the same size in every brand, which works against you. The cheaper brands tend to run a lot larger, so don’t be afraid if you’re a small and suddenly you don’t fit into the small size.

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