Keep Cool with Fall Sunglasses

Sunglasses appear to be a summer trend although they have always been a winter necessity. If you happen to live in winter wonderland, where snow regularly falls, eyewear is very important to protecting your eyes from those harsh sunrays that reflect off of the blankets of snow on the ground. The easiest way to stay icy during the fall and winter season (while still protecting our eyes)  is to invest in some mirrored shades to complement your Kandy Kiss pieces.

Consider these 3 tips when investing in your mirrored eyewear:

  1. The shape. –make sure that the shape of the sunglasses compliments your facial structure. Square shaped faces usually look best in oval styled eyewear like aviators. Heart shaped faces look best in eyewear that shifts attention from their chin like cateye shades. We envy the oval shaped faces because they can pull off almost any pair of eyewear.
  2. The color. –Mirrored sunglasses are very versatile and can be ordered with different tint colors. When purchasing your mirrored eyewear always consider the color of the tint, making sure it matches most of your wardrobe.
  3. UV Protection.-Always remember aside from how cool they look, our main focus behind purchasing the icy cool mirrored sunglasses is to protect our eyes. Invest in a pair with the ultimate UV protection.
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