Fall Staple: Tights!

Crisp air, leaves changing, sweaters, boots, pumpkins, and coffee all have one thing in common. Autumn has finally arrived! Tights are definitely a fashion staple this season so why not make it all about your legs? We have listed the top 3 reasons why tights are a great accessory this time of year:

1.) Tights flatter any body type. By wearing tights the same color as your shoes, the longer the legs your legs will look. Tights can enhance the shape of your body depending on which tights you actually choose to wear.


2.) Have you ever wanted to wear that new skirt to work but are worried about if it is too short? Well, tights are now your new best friend. By adding tights you do not have to be concerned about accidentally revealing inappropriate areas to your colleagues.


3.) Tights are cozy and comfortable to wear. Cooler nights are coming your way so it is important to keep your legs warm so you do not get sick. Some tights come high waisted which can tuck in and control that little tummy.


Tights have become an outlet for women to dress better during fall and winter. If you want to look comfortable and trendy this season, wear those tights! Don’t forget to strut your stuff with serious confidence.

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