Fall Nail Polish Trends

There are so many great things come with the fall season. We get to say hello to pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and warm fireplaces yet nothing sets the fall season tone like a fresh new manicure. So out with those bright summer colors and in with the subtle nudes, reds, navy blues, and browns. The weather isn’t the only thing get colder this fall. Our nail colors should follow this same cooling trend, as traditionally, fall is the time where the dark and tranquil colors are preferred more than the light & bright. To make sure that your fall outfits are 100% complete, offset your look with these fall nail polish colors!

  1. Blood Red. You don’t have to save the red nail polish for the just the holidays. A classic twist on the traditional red, such as a rich and deep red, is perfect for Fall. This sophisticated color looks great on just about anyone and is a great statement addition to any outfit. 


  1. Navy Blue. Navy gives off that classic, clean, and chic look. It’s a cooler color that is also neutral and goes with just about anything. Although it is not as dark as the original black, navy emphasizes confidence and elegance no matter what the occasion is.


  1. Nude. Simple, clean, and classy. Need we say more? Nude is great for when bold color is not an option. For our school girls, our working girls, and for those who just like having that clean look, you can never go wrong by choosing nude shades.


  1. Hunter green. Get in touch with nature and show off a deep, hunter green this fall. With one look down at your nails you’ll instantly feel like you’re out in the woods enjoying the crispy fall weather! Dark green is another one of those colors that goes with practically everything. We love wearing it with dark jeans, a cream sweater, and boots! 


  1. Plums & purples. Girly with just the right amount of edge. These colors add a perfect “glam” look for either day or night.


  1. Chocolate-y browns. We absolutely love brown polishes for fall! These strong and elegant shades work well with any skin tone. We like to pair a deep brown with a gold glitter/metallic accent on our ring-finger nail for a little extra bling.


  1. Metallic. If the other colors weren’t eye catching enough for you, try dressing your nails up with metallic and gold colors. We like to think of metallic polish as bold and classy. A little glitter never hurt anybody!


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