Fall in love with the Emerald City

Our fashion executive found herself in a tornado of chaos which left her, (in what she thought) was a fashion disaster. Keeping calm and trying to carry on, she finally came to her wits and discovered inspiration in her own backyard, The Emerald City. With a vision in mind, our fashion queen quickly put her designers, stylists, and models to work. As all the village people awaited the Queen’s word, she finally announced the color of the season. It was the greatest color of all the land, the color that lit up the city, emerald or green. This royal jewel tone is the “it” color of the season. Whether you wear it as a statement piece or an accessory, this shade will enhance your outfit by adding shape, rich texture, and the right pop of color to pair with monotonous neutrals, sailor stripes, wild animal prints, jazzy blues, sassy pinks, and even mellow-yellows. In whatever event you attend or outfit you style using your emerald pieces, know that going green is officially the new thing!

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