Easter Outfit Ideas

No matter your age, as soon as a fellow fashionista spots Easter on their calendar, the first thing that comes to mind is pastel colors and springtime fashion!  It’s also the welcoming of  April and Spring! It’s finally time to break out the lightweight sweaters and flowy dresses.

We have rounded up a couple of style tips to help you find the perfect outfit for you fashion-lovers to stuff your face with jelly beans and chocolate covered eggs!

Dress – Who doesn’t love a maxi dress in Spring?! I’m sure we all have terrifying memories of our parents dressing us up in frilly dresses that were “Easter appropriate”. Luckily, we are old enough to dress ourselves and have now realized that dresses don’t have to be formal or “holiday appropriate”. They should be fun and fit your personality! The best thing about Spring dresses is that they come in all different patterns and styles.

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Pastel colors – What’s Easter without a little pastel fun?! Pastel colors are the staple color wheel of Spring! Whether it’s pastel blue, pink, purple and yellow, have fun and release the pastel princess within you!


Light weight accessories – Less is definitely more when it comes to accessorizing! Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a lightweight necklace or a fringe purse, make sure you choose wisely on the accessory you want to include. Or maybe you would like to pay homage to the happy childhood memories of you wearing a sun hat? Of course, we advise you to put your own style and flare into it!

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