Denim Trends for Spring

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After watching the Super Bowl halftime show with Katy Perry and getting a surprise visit from the one and only Missy Elliot, it almost felt like we were sent into a time capsule. Furthermore, seeing that gas prices have miraculously fallen to a record $1.97 its almost like we have to pinch ourselves. After taking a look at the current fashion trends of 2015, we are happy to say that denim has made its way back on track to bring the comeback of the 90s in full circle.

Yes that’s right ladies and gents, denim is back! Look no further for denim advice, for here you will find the 3 top trending denim styles:

Distressed jeans: lots of different styles of distressed jeans are adorable. You can go with the baggy boyfriend jean, the skinny jeans with slits, or the distressed jeans that are holed vs. frayed spots. The best part about distressed jeans is that you can make them yourself. Find a pair of your mom’s old jeans or your boyfriend’s old jeans and take a cheese grater to the surface where you want the holes to go and wa-la!There you have it, one of the cutest trends for this season!

Jean jackets: if you don’t have one, go get yourself one. This is denim that never really went completely out of style; it was still acceptable to wear. However, now with the current comeback of denim, having a jean jacket is a necessity. Pairing it with a chambray shirt and some skinny jeans is the perfect go-to outfit for everyday errands.

High waist: The waist-defining silhouette is both sexy and sophisticated. Wear this with a crop top or a tucked-in shirt. Then add heels to elongate your legs, leaving you looking about 3 inches taller, perfect, right? Make sure you stock up before everyone realizes the secret’s out!

Welcome back the old trends with open arms, who knows what will be next!

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