Backpacks are BACK!

Totes were fabulous a few trends ago, but this fall the latest bag obsession is the backpack. GLAMOUR Magazine’s Leah Melby added the backpack to every girl’s shopping list for this upcoming season, and you should definitely add it to yours. Small, large, vintage, or shabby-chic; whatever your style is make sure your double strapping this fall!

Here’s how to choose the perfect backpack for the season:

  1. Consider the Color-Think bright. Fall is filled with neutrals, falling leaves, and often times gloomy weather. Brighten the mood with a Crayola color bag. But try to avoid the kiddie designs and obnoxious patterns if you choose a bright colored knapsack.
  2. Consider the Texture-Stick with the bags that are soft and tarnished. Multiple fabrics on one piece have even been ‘okay-ed’ by the our fashion expert too. A denim backpack with a soft leather accent would be ideal for example.
  3. Think Multipurpose-Find a bag that can be used for all facades of your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re going to the gym, headed to work, or to the lounge for few drinks with a couple of friends, your knapsack should be 100% user friendly.
  4. Think Spacious-Choose a bag that fits all your belongings, but also has a little bit of extra room for the excess junk that magically makes its way into your knapsack.
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