Back to School Hair Hacks for the Busy Girl

It’s already August and unfortunately, that means summer is about to come to a close. We know you’re getting ready for the new school year, trying to keep up with whose dating who on our favorite reality TV shows and dealing with the rest of the twists and turns that life throws at us. At this point, we’re actually having trouble finding socks that match each morning. So what do we do when we’ve run out of time to brush our long beautiful locks this fall? Well we grab a hair tie and throw it up in one of these three classic hairstyles that keep us looking ready for the runway or even the gym – without much effort. Call them pretty girl hair hacks. 

These Ballerina Buns, Fishtail Braids, and Tomboy Ponytails? Well these three simple hairstyles are our go-to “do’s” for the fall.

  1. Ballerina Buns-

They can be worn atop the head or you can even allow it to hang low below the ears.

It’s an easy, simple and classy look that can be worn with almost any outfit.

  1. Fishtail braids-

Fish tail braids look so complicated at first glance…but that’s the beauty of the do! The complications of this easy hair-do gives the hair substance adding dynamic to your outfit and presence.

  1. The Tomboy Ponytails-

These pony’s are a must! The lose hair, bumps and kinks are more than welcomed! The hair is gently pulled away from the face accenting your gorgeous facial features and adding a sense of spunk to your outfit.

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