All That Glitters

Happy week of Thanksgiving! Last week for our Fashion Files, we gave you some inspiration on how to embrace your natural, true beauty and let it shine! This week we also wanted to give you some extra beauty glow by encouraging you to get in the holiday spirit with glitter. Glitter is one of our favorite accessories, especially during the holidays. If you feel like spicing things up this Thanksgiving (and no we are not talking about adding an extra pump of spice to your PSL), leave a little sparkle wherever you go incorporating these Glitter hacks to your Thanksgiving style our 4 simple ways:

  1. Glitter eye shadow. One of the simplest, most affordable, and trendy chic ways to add some sparkle to your style is through glitter eyeshadow. You can go dark and mysterious with a shimmery smokey eye, or delicate and enchanting with neutral glitter colors such as white, silver, or gold. When it comes to eye glitter, you really have two options. The first is to pick a shimmery eye shadow that is tinted to your color of choice, or you can get loose glitter to apply on top of your natural eyelid, or even on top of your favorite eye shadow. The choice is up to you and whatever you prefer! If you’re looking for some extra shine, apply both! Go ahead, we won’t tell anyone your secret!
  1. Glitter nail polish. Remember when bedazzling only one nail out of your 5 was the thing? Well, it still is! Especially during the holidays. But why limit all the glam and attention to only one nail? Why not get a full on glitter manicure? The truth is you totally can, and it is beyond trendy. We are girls, and we love glitter. Mind as well embrace it! However, if all glitter is a bit much, we get that too. You do you girl, and simply pick the type of glitter polish, whether it be bold or subtle, that works for you!
  1. Glitter lip gloss. Okay, we know what you’re thinking. And no, we are not saying dump a can of glitter on your lips! Instead, try out a lipstick or lip gloss with a little extra sparkle. If you can’t find a color that you absolutely love, clear glitter is just as eye catching. No one will be able to turn away from those lips of yours, because well, glitter is simply mesmerizing. Be prepared to keep the chitchat going all night long!
  1. Glitter lotion. Again, we understand what you are thinking. We know you don’t want to show up at your Thanksgiving party looking like a real life disco ball, and we promise, you won’t. Glitter lotion is a nice way to add a little shimmer to your look while being extremely subtle about it. Wearing a sleeveless dress? Apply some glitter lotion on your arms and legs for a natural glow. Did we mention how great glitter lotion smells? It’s like the glitter gods really knew what they were doing with this one. Talk about conquering two things at once!
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