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We’re so excited to share Rachel Broas of Simply Poised! Her love and passion for fashion are one of the many reasons we can’t get enough of this blog. Plus we couldn’t agree more with her philosophy that truly the best thing you can wear is confidence and wearing what you love, not what everyone else is wearing. Today she is sharing with us her favorite color trends that we will be seeing a lot of in Spring! Read more about Rachel and Simply Poised here

One of the best ways to be prepped for the upcoming season’s trends and styles is to be in the know with the Pantone colors of the spring. Pantone colors are known around the world through designers, retailers, and manufactures, in order to communicate the chosen colors of the season. Knowing Spring 2015’s color palette will allow you to be creative with the clothes you already have, keep an eye out for the key color clothes to come and mix & match different color combinations that maybe you haven’t before.

This season is a collection of neutrals, muted brights, and softer colors. Be on the look out for:

  • Lucite Green – A rare minty shade that is extremely light. I love this shade for spring, especially in scarves and dresses.unnamed
  • Marsala – The Pantone Color of the year, inspired by a rich wine is also extremely earthy with the reddish-brown tint. This has grown to be one of my favorite colors this year, its earthly yet tasteful tone allows for it to play extremely well with skin tones and hair colors.unnamed-1
  • Dusk Blue- This calm shade of blue resembles the serenity that is supposed to be paired with the sky. It comes into play very well with the lighter denim for spring.unnamed-2
  • Glacier Gray- This light gray plays well with other colors but holds its own ground. I love to pair this shade with lights denims and Marsala.
  • Custard- This mellow yellow shade is meant to be relaxing and a great color to pair with darker denims like the classic blue. I think yellows are often hard to wear if you’re not extremely tan but this tone allows for you to really play with it. unnamed-3


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