What to Wear to the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin picking season is here which means Halloween is just around the corner! We know you are going to be taking a lot of cute pictures for your social media. We understand that you are stressing about which outfit you’re going to wear on your visit. To help you narrow down your wardrobe choices, we’ve rounded up our favorite pumpkin patch outfits:

1.) If you just want to keep your outfit comfortable and casual then wear a pair of black leggings, a shirt and combat boots. Accessorize with a scarf and a wide-brimmed hat. You will not regret choosing this type of outfit because you will be moving around a lot at the pumpkin patch!


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2.) If you want to look cute and stylish on your visit at the pumpkin patch, wear a long sleeve dress with tall boots. Accessorize with an infinity scarf to make sure you keep your neck warm. You sure will look like a little doll when you pick up your favorite pumpkin!



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3.) For a more sophisticated style, wear a pair of dark jeans or even your favorite pair of distressed denim with a cozy shirt paired with a sweater and booties. You will definitely be warm and comfortable enough to walk around for hours at the pumpkin patch!


Image: http://bit.ly/1MBTEw3

TIP: Choose outfits that incorporate rich fall colors such as brown and purple hues. A pumpkin patch consists of dirt and hay all around so place so you make sure you are wearing closed toed shoes or boots. Also, enjoy your visit and don’t forget to take a picture with your very own pumpkin!

Flared Pants have made their Come Back!

This season, there is one item that has made a comeback from the 70’s and it is flared pants! Flared pants can be characterized by having a tight and skinny fit through the leg until it becomes wider from the knee down, also known as bell-bottoms. We still love our skinny jeans and leggings but the time has come to switch up your style to flared-leg silhouettes. The whole point of flares is to create a long and lean silhouette but they are not easy to style. Flares and heels were made for each other. Flared pants look best with platforms and pumps. We have listed a few tips to help you style your flared pants the correct way:

  1. High–waisted pants are considered to start above your belly button. Wearing your flared pants high on your waist will help you show off those curves. Throw on a crop top and add some bangles to your outfit for more of a bohemian look. If you don’t want to wear your pants as high then opt for a pair that is considered mid rise. Mid-rise is considered to start above your hipbones. Keep into consideration the length of the pants though because flared pants were worn very high back in the days. So if you were flared pants lower, you can easily hem the bottom to fit your body appropriately.251478c987a4c1ff9a4d895a242bf25c
  1. Picking the proper shirt is key when styling flared pants. In order to keep emphasis on your waist and thighs, it is important that you choose a shirt that is cropped or even a longer shirt tucked inside of your pants. Wearing a longer shirt will conceal your stomach area and may be more comfortable for you.BoeWfCI1GoroesG8y61gbYFDp7nP2sKRSYyX30jj7NU,VRyyjc1JqP155s5TGGIOSf8CwzsiBy5OnbkQf4xgGBM,QKczm5HbhCBnCB2DMPGwSARcoDVIViDhYTsAPRueNW0,joN1X_LNC-4JM8eaR-kvm1QZ2VTXlbW3HUb2t0LnhIw
  1. Selecting the right heels for your flared pants is important too. You want to wear a pair of heels that are not too low or too high. You do not want to be tripping on your pants, so the bottom of the flared pants should skim the floor just enough for you to show off your heels or shoe choice. Remember that you should only be showing the tip of your shoe though, not the back. Back in the 1970’s, flared pants were worn with heels so if you decide to rock a pair yourself, you have to dress like you mean it, with a flare!7869e6b30c1bbba843417b26d784de37

The best part of flared pants is that they can be worn casually with sandals or dressed up with heels or boots. Whether you want to pull off the bohemian, feminine, or edgy look, flared pants have are going to be your new best friend. Make sure to choose a style that you feel most comfortable to wear. These pants are sure to make your legs look miles long and will instantly add sophistication to any outfit.

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
I’m a LA-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, self-taught photographer, freelance social media consultant, and talent manager. I have a background in public relations, digital marketing, and journalism from over 10 years of work experience. I graduated from CSULB with a BA in American Studies with an emphasis with pop culture. I love cats, Lucille Ball, and am addicted to coffee

If you could sneak into anyone’s closet whose would you peek at?
Nicole Warne, also known as the Gary Pepper Girl. She has such a versatile look and always looks chic in whatever she wears.


What style rule do you always follow?
Wear what you love.

What is your favorite quote?
“Love yourself first and everything else will fall into line.” – Lucille Ball

What inspired your blog?
My passion for writing, photography, and fashion – what better way to combine everything you love under one roof?


Three things that are always in your purse?
Chapstick, iPhone, and wallet. Essentials!

Where do you find inspiration for blog posts?
From everything and every where. Whenever I’m out and about, I find things and people that will inspire me. I’m always on social media so it’s hard not to get inspired by other bloggers, celebs, and friends. I take what I see and basically apply it to my own personal style.

Best style advice you’ve ever given or received?
“Do you boo boo.” – Shameless Maya. It cannot be emphasized enough that being yourself is the key to happiness.


What’s the one thing in your closet that you couldn’t live without?
Seamless thongs! Haha, as funny as that sounds, it is so comfy and will save you in so many outfits.

In your opinion, what separates a great blog from an unsuccessful blog?
I think there are several factors that play into whether a blog will be successful. Sometimes it’s pure luck in landing the right exposure by the right people. However, even with the right exposure, a blog must be consistent in its posting routine and have high quality photos. Everyone’s on the go, so your blog should be mobile friendly. Your writing should connect and make sense to your readers – please check grammar and spelling! I also believe that your blog should have a purpose, whether it is to document your style or inspire others. Without a true purpose, it’ll get lost and overlooked.

To read more about Lisa visit her blog here!

The Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends

Fun Fringes: You can expect to see more stylish takes on this bohemian trend this season. Fringe can be found hanging from all sorts of clothing and accessories. The most popular way to wear fringe in the Fall is on your boots! I mean its not called boot season for no reason! You will also notice that there are fringe jackets, vests, shirts, dresses, bags, and even heels. The options are available, but its up to you to choose how you want to rock that fringe look.


Oversized Sweaters: I am sure you know that the Fall season is also known as cuddle season. Sometimes a girl just wants to cuddle up in the biggest sweater possible. Oversized sweaters can be found in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. Plus, they look great on all body types. The possibilities are endless when styling your chunky sweater too. The time has come to cuddle up on the couch, lay back, and watch a movie with that pumpkin spice latte you have been craving!


Flared Pants: If you haven’t noticed already, the 70’s style is coming back this season. Take a break from the skinny jeans and slip into some flared pants instead. By wearing flared pants. You are able to elongate your legs, especially if you wear them with heels.


Geometric/Pattern Tights: You will definitely get bored wearing the same old black tights this season so why not take your collection of tights to whole new level? It’s a new season, new you, so be bold and wear some tights with geometric patterns or just colored ones. Any type of pattern will add dimension to your outfit and choosing to wear colorful tights will give your outfit the pop of color that it needs.


Fur Coats: The temperature is starting to drop as we continue into the Fall season. Fur coats are sinfully soft and cozy for those chilly nights. Add just the right touch of womanhood to your outfit with the help of a faux-fur. Something about fur makes us think about luxury and royalty. The possibilities of fur stoles and coats are endless but don’t miss out on your chance to bring out the women inside of you.