2015 Beauty New Years Resolutions

In just less than a week, the New Year will making its grand entrance and before you know it 2014 is completely over. One thing we LOVE about beauty and fashion is that it is ever evolving. In addition to your personal New Years resolutions, Kandy Kiss has another challenge for you: Beauty Resolutions. Like other areas of your life, be bold with your beauty and come up with a few resolutions that you would like to work on. Maybe you want to be bolder with your lipstick shades, or even try wearing plaid even though you swore your favorite pattern would always be floral. For inspiration, here are some of our beauty resolutions for 2015:

  1. Upgrade your product. We know that people say if something’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it. However, Kandy Kiss is a firm believer in trying something new. Have you been using the same foundation for the past couple of years? Do you never stray from your favorite brand of shampoo? There are certain beauty products specialized for almost any age and any skin type. We know that straying from your favorite products is scary, but the good news is that you can always go back to them! For 2015, we encourage to upgrade your products and try something new for a change! Who knows, you may just find your new favorite.
  1. We beauty dare you. At LEAST once a month, dare yourself to a beauty dare. On a night out with the girls, why not use some hair chalk and give yourself some pink highlights for a fun, new change? On a day at work, maybe add in an elaborate hairpiece to give your hair some adornment. For a school day, try using a different colored eyeliner instead of just black all the time (we love navy—it brings everyone’s eye color!). Whatever you choose to do, do it with confidence, you got this girl!
  2. Take extra care to the hair. Telling you to leave behind and move on from your blow dryer, hair curler, and straightener is a sin would we never commit. Thus, make a point to take extra care of your hair in 2015. Invest in some regular trims or even deep-conditioning treatments especially during the winter months when your hair tends to be at its frailest. Your luscious locks will thank you!
  1. Save the date. For those of us who put on makeup daily and for those of us who apply it for special occasions only, keep in mind the expiration dates. For example, you should use the same tube of mascara for about 3 months max. Additionally, you should make a point to wash your makeup brushes at least once a month. Depending on what beauty products you use most, take the time to research how long you should keep them for.


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