2015 Beauty New Years Resolutions

In just less than a week, the New Year will making its grand entrance and before you know it 2014 is completely over. One thing we LOVE about beauty and fashion is that it is ever evolving. In addition to your personal New Years resolutions, Kandy Kiss has another challenge for you: Beauty Resolutions. Like other areas of your life, be bold with your beauty and come up with a few resolutions that you would like to work on. Maybe you want to be bolder with your lipstick shades, or even try wearing plaid even though you swore your favorite pattern would always be floral. For inspiration, here are some of our beauty resolutions for 2015:

  1. Upgrade your product. We know that people say if something’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it. However, Kandy Kiss is a firm believer in trying something new. Have you been using the same foundation for the past couple of years? Do you never stray from your favorite brand of shampoo? There are certain beauty products specialized for almost any age and any skin type. We know that straying from your favorite products is scary, but the good news is that you can always go back to them! For 2015, we encourage to upgrade your products and try something new for a change! Who knows, you may just find your new favorite.
  1. We beauty dare you. At LEAST once a month, dare yourself to a beauty dare. On a night out with the girls, why not use some hair chalk and give yourself some pink highlights for a fun, new change? On a day at work, maybe add in an elaborate hairpiece to give your hair some adornment. For a school day, try using a different colored eyeliner instead of just black all the time (we love navy—it brings everyone’s eye color!). Whatever you choose to do, do it with confidence, you got this girl!
  2. Take extra care to the hair. Telling you to leave behind and move on from your blow dryer, hair curler, and straightener is a sin would we never commit. Thus, make a point to take extra care of your hair in 2015. Invest in some regular trims or even deep-conditioning treatments especially during the winter months when your hair tends to be at its frailest. Your luscious locks will thank you!
  1. Save the date. For those of us who put on makeup daily and for those of us who apply it for special occasions only, keep in mind the expiration dates. For example, you should use the same tube of mascara for about 3 months max. Additionally, you should make a point to wash your makeup brushes at least once a month. Depending on what beauty products you use most, take the time to research how long you should keep them for.


Ready, set, STAY!

It’s happened to all of us…you get off the phone with your best friend just to look at your screen and see a mark of your foundation smeared all over your screen. Or what about when you go to hug your Grandma for the first time in months and suddenly the blush that was on your cheeks is now on hers.  For those gals that go to school from 7am-4pm, those who work the same amount of hours, and those who just want a way to have their makeup last and stay where its supposed to, Kandy Kiss has got you covered.

Besides having really long workdays and busy schedules, the holidays always call for long-lasting makeup hacks. Here are our favorite four:

  1. Primer: Primers are an absolute necessity when it comes to ever-lasting makeup. They work by helping decrease sweating through the pores, which will make your makeup stay on much longer. Primers will also help smooth your skin for when you apply foundation or powder, then will continue to protect that gorgeous face of yours from dust or debris or water that may make your makeup wear off.
  1. Choosing the right kind of foundation. With so many different skin types and sensitivities out there, finding a universal foundation is pretty difficult. It’s important to know what type of skin you have. Are you prone to oiliness? Is your skin super sensitive? These types of questions will help you narrow down what kind of foundation will be a good fit for you. If you tend to have oily skin, opt for an “oil-free” foundation. Otherwise, if you add oil-based foundation to oily skin, you’ll only get more oil, and that will make your makeup come off more easily.
  1. Brushes, not hands. Your hands carry natural oils in them, so if you directly apply foundation with your hands, it won’t set as well. Brushes will solve this problem for you. However, it’s important to know that you should NOT use the same brush for everything. Keep separate brushes for your foundation, blush, and bronzer. The same goes for your eye shadow. Apply eye shadow using brushes. Small brushes will be good for placing intense color in direct, specific spots while larger brushes will spread out color more evenly.
  1. Setting spray. Using setting spray is one of the best things you use for some serious staying power. It works by lowering the temperature of your makeup so your foundation, eye shadow, concealer, and blush all stay in place no matter what condition you are in! Say goodbye to the cracking, fading, and melting and hello to the bold, smooth, and vibrant makeup you have been waiting for.



Fashion Spotlight on Rachel Ross

Tell us a bit of background information about yourself?10838742_765046976865892_1008298698_n My name is Rachel, and my blog is www.TheRachelRoss.com. I started blogging almost 4 years ago! I’m young, but I’m a business owner and a mom so my style has evolved since I originally started my blog. It’s been a fun journey and it’s interesting to be able to go back and see how much my style has changed over the years.
What inspired your blog? What makes it unique and fresh? My personal style has become the main focus of my blog. It started as a blog about pretty much anything and everything, but over the years it has found its niche. I am a mother of two and I blogged throughout my entire pregnancy the second time so I gained a whole new following of young moms and moms-to-be. I never sacrificed my style because I became a mom and I think that helps me stand out.
How does one get your attention for a feature? I have a pretty good handle on the things that I like, especially when it comes to my style. I love playing with textures and fabrics, I’ll pretty much wear anything with leather or (faux) fur, so I love brands that have a little edge to them.
Could you describe your personal style? Feminine, edgy, and relaxed. I grew up and live at the beach, so down here there is a certain sense of comfort that comes with fashion, we’re definitely a more easy going community. However, we’re so close to New York City that we have to be able to up our game at a moments notice! I love black, but I’m not afraid to play with color either.
818e081adef9f7952543340824231146Where do you find the inspiration for your personal style? Like I said I’m close to the city, so it’s really easy to get wrapped up in what’s “trending,” but I try not to follow them too closely. I know what looks good on me and more importantly, what makes me feel good. That being said, I have a lot of fun taking styles that are trendy and putting my own personal twist on it.
Every girl has their favorite “go-to” pieces tucked away in their close. What are your “go-to” pieces? 
My classic black or nude Louboutins! They’re surprisingly comfortable and go with just about everything I own. I also have a cropped faux fur vest I wear with pretty much everything for as long as I can! My leather leggings and Jimmy Choo moto boots are always on heavy rotation as well during the cooler months!
Since we’re already deep in fall, what are your favorite seasonal pieces this year for cold weather? I live in flannel! Every time I shop I buy something else that’s flannel or plaid, it’s seriously become a problem! I make sure the pieces are versatile and not a one and done kind of wear, so that usually makes me feel a little better, ha! I also love my fur vest and my boots!
Do you have a guilty pleasure that you splurge on when you shop? If so, what is it and why?153bed7a3636a9bbedc7e2a5ede1d9ed SHOES! I often tend to buy clothes at stores like H&M because, let’s be serious, I have two kids, who knows how long my clothes will last. Shoes, on the other hand, I will spend an entire paycheck on. And bags. Shoes and bags hold a very special place in my heart.
What fashion rules do you abide by when putting an outfit together? Don’t worry about what’s trending so much, wear what makes you feel good. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin everyone can tell, so it won’t matter what you’re wearing. Be confident and feel good in your outfit and you will always look amazing!