Keep Cool with Fall Sunglasses

Sunglasses appear to be a summer trend although they have always been a winter necessity. If you happen to live in winter wonderland, where snow regularly falls, eyewear is very important to protecting your eyes from those harsh sunrays that reflect off of the blankets of snow on the ground. The easiest way to stay icy during the fall and winter season (while still protecting our eyes)  is to invest in some mirrored shades to complement your Kandy Kiss pieces.

Consider these 3 tips when investing in your mirrored eyewear:

  1. The shape. –make sure that the shape of the sunglasses compliments your facial structure. Square shaped faces usually look best in oval styled eyewear like aviators. Heart shaped faces look best in eyewear that shifts attention from their chin like cateye shades. We envy the oval shaped faces because they can pull off almost any pair of eyewear.
  2. The color. –Mirrored sunglasses are very versatile and can be ordered with different tint colors. When purchasing your mirrored eyewear always consider the color of the tint, making sure it matches most of your wardrobe.
  3. UV Protection.-Always remember aside from how cool they look, our main focus behind purchasing the icy cool mirrored sunglasses is to protect our eyes. Invest in a pair with the ultimate UV protection.

Back to School Hair Hacks for the Busy Girl

It’s already August and unfortunately, that means summer is about to come to a close. We know you’re getting ready for the new school year, trying to keep up with whose dating who on our favorite reality TV shows and dealing with the rest of the twists and turns that life throws at us. At this point, we’re actually having trouble finding socks that match each morning. So what do we do when we’ve run out of time to brush our long beautiful locks this fall? Well we grab a hair tie and throw it up in one of these three classic hairstyles that keep us looking ready for the runway or even the gym – without much effort. Call them pretty girl hair hacks. 

These Ballerina Buns, Fishtail Braids, and Tomboy Ponytails? Well these three simple hairstyles are our go-to “do’s” for the fall.

  1. Ballerina Buns-

They can be worn atop the head or you can even allow it to hang low below the ears.

It’s an easy, simple and classy look that can be worn with almost any outfit.

  1. Fishtail braids-

Fish tail braids look so complicated at first glance…but that’s the beauty of the do! The complications of this easy hair-do gives the hair substance adding dynamic to your outfit and presence.

  1. The Tomboy Ponytails-

These pony’s are a must! The lose hair, bumps and kinks are more than welcomed! The hair is gently pulled away from the face accenting your gorgeous facial features and adding a sense of spunk to your outfit.

Fall Fashion @ Kandy Kiss

Kandy Kiss is a part of the Xhilaration Collection at Target this fall, providing YOU with all the latest in fall trends. We’re very excited to partner with Target and looking forward to more great collections to come! From little girls to maternity wear, we’ve found our passion in ready to wear. Here are a few pieces in our young girls Xhil collection.


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Backpacks are BACK!

Totes were fabulous a few trends ago, but this fall the latest bag obsession is the backpack. GLAMOUR Magazine’s Leah Melby added the backpack to every girl’s shopping list for this upcoming season, and you should definitely add it to yours. Small, large, vintage, or shabby-chic; whatever your style is make sure your double strapping this fall!

Here’s how to choose the perfect backpack for the season:

  1. Consider the Color-Think bright. Fall is filled with neutrals, falling leaves, and often times gloomy weather. Brighten the mood with a Crayola color bag. But try to avoid the kiddie designs and obnoxious patterns if you choose a bright colored knapsack.
  2. Consider the Texture-Stick with the bags that are soft and tarnished. Multiple fabrics on one piece have even been ‘okay-ed’ by the our fashion expert too. A denim backpack with a soft leather accent would be ideal for example.
  3. Think Multipurpose-Find a bag that can be used for all facades of your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re going to the gym, headed to work, or to the lounge for few drinks with a couple of friends, your knapsack should be 100% user friendly.
  4. Think Spacious-Choose a bag that fits all your belongings, but also has a little bit of extra room for the excess junk that magically makes its way into your knapsack.

Hate me Cus’ I’m Beautiful

Remember less is more when you’re applying your makeup for all of your dates with your school crush this fall. According to a new study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 44 models were asked to take a before photo of their bare (no makeup applied) face; as well as an after photo which captured (what they thought was) their best ‘makeup’ look for a date night. These drop dead gorgeous women discovered that men actually preferred their before photos as the “more attractive look.” So when deciding what color eyeshadow you should wear or what lipstick matches your outfit, remember our favorite beauty icon Marilyn Monroe’s words of wisdom, “a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”.

Size Does Matter

It’s official, “the bigger, the better”… when choosing the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans that is. Boyfriend jeans may not be the hip hugging, butt-squeezing, sleek and figure-flattering skinny jean, but there’s something sexy about a woman who has found confidence in a relaxed, and effortlessly stylish boyfriend styled denim.

Let’s face it, the skinnies are out and the 90’s are making their way back. Whether you’re short and petite, wide-thighed, or suffering from a ‘thut’ (where your hamstring effortlessly meets your deflated bottom), it really doesn’t matter, because the perfect styled boyfriend jean hides all of your imperfections.

If you’re short, simply pair your jeans with a pointy-toed heel or flat. Although, if you know your hips don’t lie, find a trouser that is baggy but also straight-legged. The straight-legged boyfriend jean will erase those curves making you appear long and slender. But if you lack curves, look for a boyfriend styled denim that is baggy around the hips but cuffed toward the ankles, giving the illusion that there are some curves hidden beneath all that baggage.